The World in a Grain of Sand - The energy of the Desert

Project Description

The World in a Grain of Sand - The energy of the Desert

The central theme for the show is the energy of the desert with elements coming to life and forming through sand. Sand is a powerful force of nature, a superpower that transforms Qatar from its traditions into the modern-day empire that it is today. Sand particles are vibrating, dancing, and swirling rhythmically with the music to create patterns and forms. Animals, fossils, and dhows, iconic architecture, and cultural buildings unique to Qatar emerge from the desert. With the power of sand, they transform to the modern stadiums housing one of the most important sports events of the world in 2022.
The Ministry of Interior projection mapping installation consisted of 40 latest generation 32k and 40k lumen 4K resolution projectors. This created a total of 14080000 lux. The total addressable pixel resolution of the installation was a whopping 369 million pixels!

Production and project management: Limelight
Producer: Zsuzsanna Benkó (Limelight)
Implementation: Los Romeras (Romera Diseño e Infografia)
Artists: Miguel Romera, Manuel Romera, Santiago Villa, Juan José Vázquez, David Cantera, Luis Falomir, Juan Calixto Galán, Alex Soria, Rodolfo Carrasco, Paula Lupiañez, Oscar Santamaria
Music and sound design: Marcos Cruz Lloréns (Music Composer) and La Bocina Sonido (Sound fx)

Tech Team
Executive Producer: Bush Cherroud (Nexxt)
Head of Production: Grimm Van Gestel (Nexxt)
Engineers: Joris Beel, Edouard Chbata, Nico Lemaitre, Kjell Rijntjes, Jurgen Vandewalle (Nexxt)
Local Production Director: Yasser Alattar (Dar Al Sharq)
Technical Manager: Hassan Elwakel (Dar Al Sharq)
Operation Manager: Ahmed Fouad (Dar Al Sharq)

Special thanks to
Alexandra Oikonomidou, Dressing Manager
Ghada Al Khater, Artist
Fawzy Semsem, Dressing and Signage Director
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